Residential Property courses you can take before the end of the CPD year

Make sure you are up to speed on your conveyancing by completing these Distance Learning titles in easy 1-hour sittings from your own home or office.

Solicitors in England and Wales are required to declare their competency by October 31st.

Now is the time to reflect on your practice and decide if there are areas where you could benefit from a top-up of knowledge, especially covering some of the more recent developments in the conveyancing practice.

Our Distance Learning courses are pre-recorded video lectures, one hour each, so you can complete them at your pace in bite-size pieces or all in one day.

Stephen Desmond is our speaker for Residential Property in the 2020 catalogue. He is a highly experiences legal trainer and a consultant, with excellent feedback from our customers.

The titles are as follows:

Even More Contemporary Issues in Residential Conveyancing
This session covers:

  • Limiting your risk when a selling client is potentially liable to pay money on account of capital gains tax under the new regime starting April 2020
  • SDLT: Bringing you up to date with recent developments concerning mixed-use purchases
  • Keeping you abreast of key changes to the Conveyancing Protocol
  • Helping you to understand the implications of the new anti-fraud undertakings contained the updated Code for Completion by Post
  • Making you aware of current issues involving disputes over beneficial interests and transfers of equity

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Key Elements of the Law Society's Conveyancing Protocol

This session covers:

  • Summarising some of the key checks the Protocol requires to be made at the outset of a transaction
  • Ensuring you become familiar with key Protocol recommendations for preparing the draft contract and accompanying documentation
  • Raising awareness of what the Protocol says about pre-contract enquiries and supplying planning permissions
  • Understanding key elements of the Protocol regarding Leasehold conveyancing
  • Considering the implications of what the Protocol says about the Code for Completion by Post

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SDLT: An Overview of Key Issues for Residential Conveyancers

This session covers:

  • Considering key characteristics of occupation of property that might be regarded as being consistent or inconsistent with residence
  • Outlining some key risks of amending a client’s SDLT return, especially when a refund of tax is also sought
  • Exploring key issues that blur the line between wholly residential and mixed-use purchases in certain cases
  • Helping the conveyancer to spot when a purchase might be deemed to be an acquisition of two or more dwellings
  • Discussing whether and when you should outsource your SDLT calculations in non-routine purchases

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Contemporary Issues in Leasehold Conveyancing

This session covers:

  • Exploring difficult issues surrounding Ground Rents: assured tenancies, onerous reviews, concerns about possible possession claims
  • Lease extensions: Considering, in the light of Villarosa v Ryan, the statutory rights of personal representatives and the pitfalls of assigning a section 42 notice
  • Outlining some of the key issues surrounding unauthorised alterations to flats
  • Focusing on key developments in building and fire safety involving blocks of flats
  • Raising awareness of some recent cases involving flat owners and how the resulting decisions might affect conveyancing practice in leasehold transactions

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Lenders' Handbook and Your Duties to Lenders

This session covers:

  • Addressing practitioner and lender concerns about rentcharges and section 121 LPA 1925 remedies
  • Considering some of the practical lessons to be learned from key negligence cases brought against conveyancers by lenders
  • Explaining why a short period of ownership is a lender concern and fraud riskExploring the circumstances when a lender may not accept a flying freehold, even with an indemnity policy
  • Summarising key lender requirements concerning the adequacy of leasehold covenants which relate to the management of a block of flats

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Conveyancing Searches and Enquiries: Key Issues to Consider

This session covers

  • Addressing some of the key pitfalls arising from the Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Explaining the practical implications of decided cases which have arisen due to errors in searches or in reporting to client on those searches
  • Making practitioners aware of some of the key risks associated with breaches of covenant involving building works (for both flats and houses)
  • Outlining some of the key perils associated with Japanese knotweed being within or close to the boundaries of a property
  • Gaining key insights from misrepresentation claims brought against sellers of properties

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Posted on 30.09.20