SDLT: An Overview of Key Issues for Residential Conveyancers [2020]

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Stephen Desmond, consultant & leading legal trainer

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by Stephen Desmond. SDLT is a property tax which has been made increasingly complex in recent years. There are so many factors, rules and points of guidance for busy conveyancers to consider. This presentation considers some of the key risks faced by property practitioners and how to address them. Given its hour-long length, detailed consideration of specific legislative provisions (many of which are complex) is beyond its scope.

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  • Considering key characteristics of occupation of property that might be regarded as being consistent or inconsistent with residence
  • Outlining some key risks of amending a client’s SDLT return, especially when a refund of tax is also sought
  • Exploring key issues that blur the line between wholly residential and mixed-use purchases in certain cases
  • Helping the conveyancer to spot when a purchase might be deemed to be an acquisition of two or more dwellings
  • Discussing whether and when you should outsource your SDLT calculations in non-routine purchases