New resource for choosing legal services and supplies

The Solicitors Group has launched the new edition of its Services/Supplier Directory, now available on its website

Directory news announcement image

The Services/Supplier Directory is your best tool for sourcing for your practice and is now available with a new look and user-friendly interface. If you have a case that requires external services, or you are out to tender for your business, take a look at this comprehensive catalogue of companies that can help you.

The improved directory has launched with sections dedicated to charities, expert witnesses and general legal services for now, but is set to expand in the future. There are dozens of companies to browse already, with new additions every week.

Here are the key features to enjoy:

  • Easy searching for what you need via categories
  • Discover useful knowledge articles about the subjects affecting your practice
  • Take advantage of exclusive product demos, offers and content
  • See what other professionals have to say about the services on offer

The Solicitors Group is committed to supporting the legal sector, and one of the ways it achieves this objective is to provide resources such as this.

Click here to go to the Services/Supplier Directory and start comparing the offerings for what your practice needs.


Posted on 03.02.21