Wellbeing & Vulnerabilities at Work – the SRA’s new agenda [2024]

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Available from 20th March 2024

Expires after 90 days

Trevor Hellawell MA (Cantab)

CPD Hours: 1


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NEW FOR 2024! This 1 hour webinar is presented by Trevor Hellawell and provides an essential and useful update.

PLEASE NOTE: This SRA Webinar will be viewable from 20th March 2024.

In April 2023 the SRA’s suggestions for wellbeing inclusions in the Standards & Regulations and Codes of Conduct were implemented. The aim is to take account of indications of unacceptable behaviour which may be born of stress and pressure, not least in the aftermath of the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. It challenges us all to call out unacceptable practices in the workplace – and outside – and to feel open about reporting when matters get out of hand. It also encourages an open culture in the workplace and support and respect for all staff in their workloads and work-life balance.

The following will be covered:

  • Amendments to the Codes of Conduct
  • Amendments to the Fitness to Practice Regulations
  • What is bullying – and how do we stop it?
  • Key inclusions in a Wellbeing strategy
  • Support for staff in reporting unacceptable behaviour
  • Differentiation between brusqueness and unacceptable behaviour
  • SRA Guidance

Key points to take away:

    • When does professional exactitude become bullying?
    • What is bullying – the definition
    • How does a manager intervene – and when?
    • How do we encourage people to speak up – especially about mental pressures
    • How do we balance meeting the clients needs and treating the workplace well?

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Webinar Details

Available now

Expires after 90 days

Trevor Hellawell MA (Cantab)

CPD Hours: 4