Vexatious Litigants [2023]

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Elissa Da Costa-Waldman

CPD Hours: 1


This course provides an in-depth analysis provided by Elissa Da Costa-Waldman on the topic of vexatious litigants.

We have all had experience of those litigants on the other side who make life a misery for us and our clients, making numerous and repeated unmeritorious applications. This is often done because the vexatious litigant has a strong belief in their sense of justice and that they are right but more often than not it is a tactic to drain the financial and emotional resources of their opponent. This course will look at the behaviour of the vexatious litigant and what can be done to combat it through the prism of the section 91(14) Order in Children Act 1989 proceedings and the Civil Restraint Order in other proceedings, with an analysis of AB -v- CD [2023] EWFC 110, a decision of Mostyn J looking at the impact of the vexatious litigant on proceedings and the other party.

  • Consideration of when a litigant becomes vexatious and when action should be taken
  • What a 91(14) Order actually means and its effects
  • When it is appropriate to make an application for permission to make an application when a 91(14) order is in force
  • Procedure to be adopted when seeking permission to make an application while a 91(14) order is in force
  • Understanding the nature and purpose of a civil Restraint Order
  • Procedure for applying for a Civil Restraint Order

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