The Building Safety Act 2022 and other Post-Grenfell Legislation [2024]

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Richard Snape

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2023 Online Residential Property Spring package this 1 hour webinar presented by Richard Snape, Head of Legal Training, Davitt Jones Bould Building presents a webinar on the subject of The Building Safety Act 2022 and other post-Grenfell Legislation

The course aims to look at this complex area which has changed the nature of conveyancing of flats.

Topics covered include:

  • Building Safety Act 2022 and changes to building regulations;
  • Leaseholder protections: problems with qualifying leaseholders, landlord’s certificates and leaseholder deeds of certificate;
  • Changes to lease extensions as of December 26th 2023;
  • Higher-risk buildings and registration by October 1st 2023;
  • Higher-risk buildings requirements as of April 2024;
  • The Fire Safety Act 2021;
  • Changes to the Fire Safety Order 2005 as of October 1st 2023.