Schedule 1 Children Act 1989 and High Net Worth Parents [2024]

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Elissa Da Costa-Waldman

CPD Hours: 1


This course provides an in-depth analysis provided by Elissa Da Costa-Waldman on schedule 1 Children Act 1989 and high net worth parents.

This session will consider the practice and procedure on making applications pursuant to Schedule 1 Children Act 1989 including who may make the application and what such applications cover. As well as the overview of the law, there will be extensive coverage of the recent case of Stacey v McNicholas which questioned whether ‘rent’ could be paid under Schedule 1 pending receipt of a lump sum capital payment under the Act.

Gain an understanding of-

  1. When it may be appropriate to apply under Schedule 1
  2. Who may apply
  3. What financial provision for children means
  4. What items are covered under capital payments
  5. When Children Act Schedule 1 is appropriate and when it is preferable to apply for a calculation to the CMS

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