Procedure in Practice [2022]

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Andrew McLoughlin

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2022 Online Litigation package, Andrew McLoughlin presents this 1 hour webinar about Procedure in Practice in 2022.

This course seeks to give specific practical guidance in relation to a whole range of topics that have arisen in the last 6 to 9 months and which will impact on your litigation practice.

The session will provide outlines of key cases and seek to give the best interpretation of modern judicial thinking on a whole range of relevant procedural topics.

Below are a number of matters that will be covered and discussed together with a number of other matters that can be considered “red hot” by the time the course is presented.

  • Implied sanctions in the CPR
  • Noncompliance with witness statements requirements in CPR 32 and PD 32
  • Judicial assistance to LIPs-how far can they go?
  • Witness-attendance at hearings
  • Compliance with an unless order-a mystery within an enigma?
  • Disclosure- divergent approaches in the court system
  • Remote hearings – RIP?-Principles going forward.
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