Notice Provisions - The Key Issues [2019]

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Keith Markham, legal trainer

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by y Keith Markham, legal trainer. Notice provisions are often inserted into contracts on a ‘cut and paste’ basis without a great deal of thought. However, failure to comply with their contents can often lead to a claim being struck out by the courts. This webinar summarises a series of important decisions of the courts and sets out some practical guidance as to the key issues that should be included.

Topics will include:

  • Format of the notice – in what circumstances can notices be served by e-mail
  • Content of the notice – how detailed does a notice have to be in order to be effective?
  • Knowledge requirements – what is meant by the phrase ‘becoming aware of the matter’?
  • Timing provisions – different ways of structuring these requirements
  • Manner of service – will merely being left at a location constitute valid service?