Maximising the role of your expert [2020]

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Helen Swaffield

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by Helen Swaffield. This distance learning session covers the use of an expert under CPR Part 35. It includes drafting instructions that work and that are more effective than just throwing all of the pleadings etc at the expert.

Watch the 2020 trailer:-

The role of the preliminary conference will be considered and what should be done at that stage.

Privilege and Part 35 is explored to check whether the expert can be approached before using part 35 and before “crossing the Rubicon”.

The new cases on adducing facts or facts and opinion or just opinion in the report.

We will explore toe-curling judicial criticism and your role in this. It is important to identify the warning markers

We will consider costs orders against experts and issue-based costs orders.

Should both parties use the questions to experts or is that just for the single joint expert?

Are you stuck with a single joint expert?

Finally, we will work through new cases on experts to see why they are making the headlines and consider how fixed costs will change the role of the expert.

Learning objectives:

  • to identify new cases on Part 35 and using an expert
  • to update knowledge of when to use them and how to maximise their role
  • to review how to avoid an expert being criticised or undermined by the court
  • to revise the rules on privilege and experts
  • to manage the questioning process and further addendums
  • to update the changes to the fixed costs regimes