Interim Applications [2020]

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Helen Swaffield

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by Helen Swaffield. The challenge of working remotely means that we have to have to prepare in advance and make sure that our skeletons and submissions are concise and intelligible. It is a great opportunity to do your own remote hearing. This session uses examples of interim applications to encourage you to have a go at the hearing on line or by phone.

Striker: abuse of process- does the pleading make sense or is it deficient so that there is no reasonable cause of action?

Striker relief from sanctions- there are good excuses and bad ones. Extra time for Covid 19? Is the opponent reasonable?

Latest acceptable excuses for being late in a pandemnic

Security for costs: have you done a costs budget, got the right figure and explored a suitable ATE policy?

Summary Judgment- really? Over the telephone?

Get the bundle hyperlinked and paginated.

Keep the skeleton brief and without reams of cases in support. Cut to the chase.

Don’t make faces- it is a disciplinary matter

E-filing or using the email address?

Managing the judge remotely and having enough screens to see CPR online.

Learning objectives:

  • to identify new skills in making an interim application remotely
  • to update knowledge new cases on striking out, relief from sanctions and security for costs
  • to review how to make interim applications without counsel
  • to revise how to make a concise skeleton argument
  • to understand the professional conduct obligations
  • to manage the current Covid 19 crisis in litigation
  • to better understand how to assist the judge in the remote hearing