Grandparents & Contact [2021]

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Elissa Da Costa-Waldman MCIArb

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2021Online Family Summer package, this 1 hour webinar, presented by Elissa Da Costa-Waldman looks at what grandparents can do to ensure a continuing and supportive role for their grandchildren against a backdrop of disputant parents.

Please note: this lecture was originally a part of the LAW2021 Online: Family Law (Summer) virtual event. The recorded edition of the event is still available, providing a 6-hour package for only £149+vat.

Sadly many grandparents become estranged from grandchildren when their adult child’s relationship breaks down. There is an underestimation of the level of support grandparents can give their grandchildren and their role as allies to children in the crossfire of relationship breakdown (as well as when relationships are going well!). Given the asset that grandparents can be, particularly within a family dispute, how can any estrangement be rectified?

  • The role of grandparents and their importance
  • Is it always necessary to apply to the court or can mediation work?
  • Should parties engage in Child Inclusive Mediation?
  • Funding legal costs if court is the only option
  • How to make an application to court – seeking permission
  • What are the grandparents applying for?
  • On what bases does the court exercise its discretion?
  • Case Law