Finding your way around the Youth Court [2020]

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Colin Beaumont, legal trainer

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by Colin Beaumont. I would not describe the law, practice and procedure in the Youth Court as being difficult but it is very different in many material respects from that which you will find in the Adult Court. It is therefore very important that anyone venturing into the Youth Court should take time to watch this 1-hour webinar which will concentrate on the things you really need to know.

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The following 10 important points will be covered during the presentation:

  1. The importance of age – children (10 – 13) – young people – (14 – 17) – young people becoming 18 whilst still in the Youth Court
  2. Indictable-only offences such as rape, grievous bodily harm and robbery – we refer to these as grave crimes – the practice and procedure on a grave crime
  3. The somewhat limited circumstances in which a child or young person may be committed from the Youth Court to the Crown Court to face a higher sentence than the Youth Court can impose
  4. The importance of an understanding of the term ‘persistent offender’
  5. The importance of the document issued by the Sentencing Council – Overarching Principles - the Sentencing of Children and Young People – 1st of June 2017
  6. Detention and Training Orders – the custodial sentence in the Youth Court is very different from the custodial sentences available in the Adult Court
  7. Referral Orders – extremely common in the Youth Court
  8. Trials in the Youth Court and ‘Ground Rules’ hearings
  9. Parents and Guardians
  10. Remands into the care of the local authority and remands into youth detention accommodation (YDA)