Drafting Effective Exclusion and Limitation Clauses [2019]

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Keith Markham, legal trainer

CPD Hours: 1


This webinar is presented by Keith Markham, legal trainer. Exclusion and limitation clause remain an area of some controversy and drafting them successfully requires an awareness of a number of issues as well as a certain amount of skill. This webinar highlights the key considerations that apply to these clauses and sets out a series of practical steps to be borne in mind.

Topics will include:

• Applicability of the rules set out in the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977

• Exclusions and limitations that are always unacceptable

• Exclusions and limitations that are acceptable as long as they are reasonable

• The reasonableness test

• Exclusions of implied terms

• The correct approach to be taken to resolving arguments about the interpretation of these clauses

• Establishing an appropriate limitation amount