Domestic Abuse Act 2021, Fact findings and Private Children Law Cases - Current Approaches [2023]

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Safda Mahmood

CPD Hours: 1


This course provides a look at the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, focusing on current approaches to fact findings and private children law cases provided by Safda Mahmood.

Many children law cases will have aspects of domestic abuse raised within them.

This session will cover, in particular, the use of Schedules of Allegations, the use of PD12J and the changes brought about by the Domestic Abuse Act 2021

It will cover the following matters in particular:

  • When should the court list for a fact - finding hearing?
  • Application of PD12J
  • What is the position with contact/child arrangements pending a fact finding
  • Use of Scott Schedules
  • Changes brought about by the Domestic Abuse Act 2021
  • When will the court order ‘no contact’
  • Risk assessments after the fact – finding hearing

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