Dealing with Economic Abuse in Financial Remedy Cases [2021]

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Elissa Da Costa-Waldman MCIArb

CPD Hours: 1


This 1 hour webinar is presented by Elissa Da Costa-Waldman MCIArb.

Please note: this lecture was originally a part of the LAW2021 Online: Family Law (Spring) virtual event. The recorded edition of the event is still available, providing a 6-hour package for only £149+vat. Click here for the full description.

This course will consider the impact of financial abuse on financial remedy cases and how to manage it with a focus on how to protect the person being abused as well as consideration of the preservation of assets and how to ensure a fair outcome within proceedings and steps to take to ensure the abused person is able to fund the application.

  • What is economic abuse?
  • Consideration of Family Law Act 1996 applications prior to applying for financial remedies.
  • Achieving and enforcing proper disclosure
  • Section 37 MCA 1973 applications to preserve assets
  • The likelihood of a successful application for Legal Services Payment Order
  • Reducing opportunities for further financial abuse by careful drafting of orders
  • Costs