Dealing With Domestic Abuse Cases [2021]

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Clive Smith, Barrister & Legal Trainer

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2021 Online Criminal Law Spring package, this 1-hour training session by Clive Smith. Over recent years, Parliament, police and the courts, have redoubled their focus on domestic abuse allegations. Such cases often present evidential challenges and frequently raise complex arguments about hearsay, particularly res gestae.

This course is aimed at prosecuting and defence advocates, regularly appearing in domestic abuse cases in the criminal courts. This course will look at:

  • The law on hearsay under the Criminal Justice Act 2003
  • Previous inconsistent statements and how to refresh a witness’s memory – do I really need to treat them as hostile?
  • The admissibility of previous unproven allegations
  • Case law on res gestae – what’s the latest from the Divisional Court?
  • Restraining orders on conviction and acquittal – some really useful case-law

Learning aims and objectives:

  • How to deal with cases where hearsay is the sole and decisive evidence
  • How to deal with reluctant witnesses
  • How to adduce evidence of bad character where there hasn’t been a conviction
  • Dealing with ancillary orders
  • Sentencing in domestic abuse cases.