Tackling Cybercrime and Fraud [2021]

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Trevor Hellawell MA (Cantab)

CPD Hours: 1


This 1 hour webinar is presented by Trevor Hellawell.

This course is essential for anyone who is working in the legal environment and who interacts with the internet – so, all of us, then. In the current febrile climate of Covid lockdown and home-working in particular we all need to have our wits about us in the battle against the scammers and fraudsters. The fact that we may be a little paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out get us. ‘Trust no-one’ is not a great recommendation for client care but ‘taking five’ to ask ourselves ‘could I be being scammed here?’ is always good advice. This webinar will discuss the common types of cybercrime and fraud steps we might encounter and how best to overcome them.

  • Scale of cybercrime
  • Types of cybercrime – systems attacks and ID fraud
  • Implications of Covid and home-working – unique attacks and alarming increases

Steps to overcome the main attacks

  • Systems attacks
    • Policies and internal protocols
    • CyberEssentials & ISO 27001
    • Cyber insurance
    • Practical steps
  • ID fraud
    • AML CDD checks
    • E-searches
    • The importance of CDD checks and verification
    • The key point to watch
    • GDPR implications
  • Essential steps to guard against frauds of all types

Key points to take away

  • Key risks that we all face
  • Key dos and don’ts
  • Particular steps to take under Covid
  • Vigilance is everything