Criminal Case-Law Update [2021]

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Colin Beaumont, Barrister & Legal Trainer

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2021 Online Criminal Law Spring package, this 1-hour session by Colin Beaumont will take you through the important case-law that has come our way in the last 12 months. We all know that we should read more but our good intentions get lost in our day-to-day dealings with clients.

The session will deal with the important judgements for criminal practitioners as handed down by the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

Everyone seems to be talking about EncroChat and the case-law will be examined. The pronouncements of the Lord Chief Justice as to how courts are to consider applications by the Crown Prosecution Service for extensions of Custody Time Limits will also be considered.

There will be an analysis of the sentences that may be imposed by a Crown Court Judge upon ‘offenders of particular concern’ – yet another recent case in which the wrong sentence was imposed because the legislation had not been brought to the attention of the sentencing Judge.

Just 3 further examples of the material under consideration:

1 – Whether a lie about fertility is capable of negating consent to sexual intercourse

2 – The correct approach when considering sending a child or young person to the Crown Court

3 – The percentage reduction of the sentence to reflect youth

Learning aims and objectives:

  • The aim of the presentation will be to update you on important judgements delivered during the last 12 months.
  • The object is to massively increase your knowledge and thereby make you a better advocate when dealing with these issues in court.