Bad Character & Hearsay Update [2021]

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Clive Smith, Barrister & Legal Trainer

CPD Hours: 1


From our LAW2021 Online Criminal Law Autumn package, this 1-hour session by Clive Smith will be of interest to anyone involved in the area of criminal law – be it at the police station or at court.

This course will take you through the latest case-law in relation to hearsay. In particular it will look at recent guidance with regards to:

  • Admissibility of phone calls
  • Admissibility of anonymous hearsay
  • How to approach the “interests of justice” test under s. 114
  • Failure to adhere to the Criminal Procedure Rules!

Following on from this, we will turn to consider bad character. Specifically, this course will consider:

  • Does self-defence constitute an attack on another person’s character?
  • Can previous convictions from 20/30 years ago ever be relevant?
  • Bad character during the trial process – how to deal with it
  • Recent case-law on putting your character in issue

The aim of the presentation is to bring you as up to date as possible on the latest case-law in relation to arguably the two most important parts of evidence for the criminal practitioner.

This course will provide practical guidance to practitioners to complement and increase your knowledge and understanding of the Criminal Justice Act 2003.