AML – SRA Warning Notices on Client & Matter Risk Assessments [2024]

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Available from 20th March 2024

Expires after 90 days

Trevor Hellawell MA (Cantab)

CPD Hours: 1


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NEW FOR 2024! This 1 hour webinar is presented by Trevor Hellawell and provides an essential and useful update.

PLEASE NOTE: This SRA Webinar will be viewable from 20th March 2024.

In a spirit of increasing exasperation, the SRA issued two key documents in 2023 – a Thematic Review which focussed on the matters that a law firm needs to be getting right in its practice-wide risk assessment, and a Warning Notice about the importance of client and matter risk assessments.

Neither said anything of much novelty, but they made several important points about content, over-familiarity and being able to justify our conclusions on client and matter risks.

The seminar will focus on:

  • SRA Thematic Review
  • Things to focus on in our Practice-wide Risk Assessments
  • SRA Warning Notice
  • How to undertake a client risk assessment
  • How to undertake a matter risk assessment
  • New burdens on us to justify our conclusions

Key points to take away:

    • The importance of undertaking thorough CDD – even if it feels un-necessary
    • Key information that we need to consider as part of the Practice Wide Risk Assessment
    • The importance of client and matter risk assessments
    • Key point – explain the rationale. Why do you think this matter is medium risk? Why is it not high?
    • Record everything – if in doubt, write it down

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Webinar Details

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Expires after 90 days

Trevor Hellawell MA (Cantab)

CPD Hours: 4