The Law Factory LLP

The Law Factory LLP

We provide a comprehensive legal accounts service. We have a strong portfolio of clients countrywide ranging from large legal aid, private firms and charities to smaller niche practices.

We offer not only a competitively priced outsourced legal bookkeeping service but also extensive experience in the legal market. We are able to reduce the administrative burden on Solicitors by dealing with a large range of back office functions including setting up electronic bank transactions, checking estate accounts and completion statements and rendering and submitting electronic sales invoices.

We understand that compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules is fundamental to a Solicitor’s business. Our staff are fully trained to deal promptly with any issues that may arise.

We also provide a Consultancy service for those clients who need advice and assistance with their management and office systems. We have close links with a number of top accountants and legal software providers. We have also been called in to deal with several SRA Audits.

We offer a professional service tailor made for our clients, who view us as an integral part of their business

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First Floor Office, 2 Sear House, Bye Street, Ledbury, HR8 2AA



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‘I have been with the Law Factory for a number of years now. It is great to know that the accounts are in the hands of specialist legal accounting experts. I really appreciate my account manager Sam’s work. Thank you, Sam. I also have a really positive relationship with Jeremy and Debbie.

One aspect I particularly value about the ongoing relationship is that TLF are familiar with my firm’s particular circumstances. My experience is that TLF’s costs are really fair, too. I see TLF as a key part of my team.

Thank you, Jeremy, Debbie, and Sam and all at TLF.’

Owen Mason, Director and Founder VERMEYLEN LAW

“The Law Factory provide exceptional service at a high quality. We’ve been a client for several years and their commitment to excellence has been outstanding. From their prompt client support to their ability to work within our systems I can confidently say that they have our trust. I would highly recommend their services.”

Rebecca Shiels, National Legal Practice & Quality Manager, SHELTER

“As a large and highly complex organisation sited across numerous locations, with a not unblemished finance audit history before the appointment of The Law Factory, it has been nothing short of remarkable how they have transformed our approach to compliance. Appointing The Law Factory has been a transformative decision for our finance compliance processes. Since commencing work with The Law Factory not only have we had consistently clear audits but also far greater confidence in general regarding our handling of the countless challenges and complexities of legal finances. In addition to the core aspects of their service, The Law Factory have been extremely generous in giving their time, patience and expertise. All at the Law Factory, but Alex Simons in particular, have shown a commitment to ensuring our organisation is compliant, in a way which is far beyond what we could have reasonably expected The Law Factory to provide, to support the organisation and generally improve our finance processes forging close working relationships with our own like-minded and diligent expertise. There is a real sense of partnership that The Law Factory’s approach to their work engenders and they clearly take pride in the improvements which they work with us so diligently to achieve. In our now many years of working together they have always gone above and beyond to create a working relationship which has been massively beneficial and deliver a service which provides incredible value for the very reasonable cost, in so many ways. Appointing The Law Factory will be the best legal finance decision you make; you’ll sleep better knowing you have the Law Factory on your side and that’s the highest praise I can give to them.”

Mark Bowden, Head of Legal Services, SHELTER

I am a Director of Step Legal Solicitors, a company that I founded in 2019. I was previously a Director and one third Equity owner of another law firm, a company that I assisted to grow from a few offices to its peak to around 30 with a large accounts team including a Finance Director, a Financial controller and an Accountant who had oversight of the accounts department and provided monthly financial reports/forecasts to the Directors for the board meetings. I have been a Solicitor for 25 years more than 20 years as position of manager, partner and a Director.

I decided to outsource the accounts for my new company due to costs, efficiencies and making sure that those who deal with accounts are compliance focussed. From experience, I am aware that even if you have extensive in-house Accounts teams things can still go wrong. There are always issues and costs associated in employing the right staff including holiday cover, training, oversight/management, PAYE and compliance. I decided to go with the Law factory on a whim and was not certain at the time of how good they were. I was prepared to move on to another company if I was not satisfied with either the service levels or their competence.

Since employing the Law Factory, however, I can honestly say that I have been most impressed with their professionalism and terrific service levels. There have been times when issues had arisen but the hands on approach by the management always applied a very swift resolution. The direct access to Jeremy and the senior team gives a peace of mind. This access is not readily available from larger companies where access to senior management is usually “off limits”.

From compliance point of view, we are proud and happy to say that all our Solicitor Accounts Rules audits have been unqualified and without any material breaches. This is tremendous for a small firm like ours and is testament to the robust systems and processes that we have in place and the accounts competence and oversight that the Law Factory provide on a day to day basis.

If you are looking for an outsourced solution that is cost effective with great service levels and compliance at the heart of your operations then I am delighted to recommend the Law Factory.”

Abid Hussain, Managing Director STEP LEGAL

“I have worked with the Law Factory LLP for over a decade and I could not recommend them in more enthusiastic terms. Every single member of their team is knowledgeable, dedicated to offering the best possible service to their clients, and 100% accurate and reliable. It is a delight to unreservedly vouch for this team.”

Ivo ILIC GABARA Avisa Partners London Ltd

"I have nothing but praise for The Law Factory and in particular Charlotte who is attentive, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. The Law Factory essentially provides an off-site, outsourced bookkeeping system for our firm Didlaw but it is so much more than that. They know the Solicitors Accounts Rules inside out and are an essential resource for any queries that arise .They take care of all our bookkeeping needs from reconciling our accounts, producing the required monthly SRA reports, reporting for VAT, liaising with our accountants, adjusting journals, you name it they do it – everything that I used to do as Managing Partner of a small firm and which I have completely handed over to them. The systems work seamlessly thanks to the Law Factory team and the simple, easy to use Lawslip system. No more annoying little slips of paper and pinks and blues and greens for us – it is heavenly! Highly recommended and very grateful to have been recommended to them after years of trying to find decent legal cashiers! First class service."

Karen Jackson, Founder and Director DIDLAW

“The Law Factory provides an excellent service. Jeremy, Debbie and their team liaise with us and our accountants in a way that allows us to focus on our work with complete confidence.”

Mark Glenister founder and partner, JPP LAW