Why Watchman?

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  • Easy to set up. Same day cover usually available
  • Initial deposit only
  • Balance of premium is deferred up to a year
  • No cancellation fees
  • No hidden charges
  • More cost-effective
  • Wide standard cover
  • Easy security and inspection criteria
  • NO risk of ‘gaps’ in the cover period and you pay only for the days on cover you need
  • Watchman Insurance is provided for up to one year at a time and apart from a small initial deposit, you can usually settle the entire insurance premium when the house is sold or transferred.
The premium is 'deferred'

Watchman insurance lasts for up to a year at a time but you only pay for the exact number of days cover you need when it is cancelled. A small deposit secures cover for a fixed daily rate that accumulates and is then settled when the property is sold/transferred up to a year later. Based on our own analysis of current Internet offerings, we believe that you will not better our premiums on a like-for-like basis with any other reputable insurance company.

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Posted on 15.02.24