Your Legacy: The Gift of Life

The primate pet trade means suffering for thousands, your legacy will help us end that.

Wild Futures 1920 690px

Wild Futures rescues and offers sanctuary to monkeys who have suffered abuse and neglect. They are dedicated to protecting primates and their habitats worldwide – primates are endangered due to climate change, habitat destruction and the bush-meat and pet trades.

For some species, it is too late. The future of all that remains lies in our hands, so leaving a legacy to Wild Futures is the gift of life and a future for primates and our wonderful planet.

Wild Futures’ holistic approach makes them unique – providing sanctuary to rescued monkeys, campaigning for primate welfare, educating to protect primates worldwide and promoting a sustainability and ethical ethos. Your legacy helps provide a home for life for rescued monkeys.

They receive no government funding, so the generosity of those that remember Wild Futures is essential to enable them to continue their work. A legacy can be the gift of a life worth living and a wild and safe future for all. Thank you for caring so they may have a future.


Posted on 26.01.23