Urgent For Law Firms: Eight Top Security Tips For Homeworking

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When the Prime Minister spoke to the nation on 23-3-20 instructing us all to work from home if we possibly could, people all over the country, in their millions, were forced to very quickly set up virtual offices in their living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Even those members of staff that none of us ever anticipated would need to work anywhere else but the office, have in fact, overnight, been set up for home working too, across all sectors. Some were more prepared for this than others, but on the whole, law firms seem to have found the transition relatively straight-forward, because those with good practice management software providers have had homeworking options available to them for many years.

With homeworking happening on such a mammoth scale, many Managing Partners will now, I’m sure, be breathing a huge sigh of relief because they’ve achieved homeworking for so many of their staff, so quickly with relative ease. However, don’t breathe too soon.



Posted on 22.01.21