The Time Factor

Should your firm be generating an extra £111K+ per fee earner each year?

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Three Ways To Look At Time

Time is a big deal for any law firm and possibly one of the most challenging aspects of running any legal Practice.

This blog poses the question – Do your fee earners value, manage and capture your firm’s most precious commodity effectively?

Implementing a good practice management system is only part of the answer. Having worked closely with many law firms, over many years my advice to anyone concerned about the financial impact of wasted time across their law firm would be to review the firm’s time from three perspectives:

• How you value time

• How you manage time

• How you capture time

Valuing Time

The First £46K

Do your fee earners value their time? More importantly do they appreciate its worth to the business?

They may say they do, but looking closely at their behaviour will tell you more.

Do you have fee earners that…



Posted on 22.01.21