The Ten ‘Legal Software’ Commandments

Ten Top Tips For Law Firms

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OK, so this is not Mount Sinai, and there is no need for smoke, earthquakes and trumpets, but the following ten top tips for law firms wishing to make a success of choosing and implementing a new legal practice management system should certainly be set in stone!

Law firms tend to look to the marketplace for new software for a variety of reasons but on the whole most of these reasons are underpinned by a desire to better manage their case loads, their finances and their client relationships.

When firms find their fee earners are spending a significant proportion of their time doing necessary but trivial tasks that don’t add any value whatsoever, such as:

entering data manually

retrieving data that is siloed within disparate software applications

enduring inefficient inter-departmental workflows

living with inadequate reporting

… it is definitely time to start reviewing your firm’s software situation.

A good quality, fully-integrated, legal practice management system should streamline all the Firm’s processes and enable the business to increase profitability.



Posted on 22.01.21