Missing Beneficiary Located in Spain

Prior to the inception of Crescent Research, my client had originally commissioned another company to trace all the legally entitled beneficiaries of an intestate estate.

Whilst this company had identified the beneficiaries, they were unable to trace one individual and had been quoted an astronomical price for missing beneficiary insurance – the cost of which would be paid from the Estate and would have reduced the sum of money all beneficiaries would receive.

Crescent Research was commissioned to locate this missing beneficiary and was provided with only minimal information about the individual, which included just a name and date of birth.

Using a variety of licensed data sources, in just a short space of time, we had located the beneficiary. The gentleman concerned resided on a yacht in a marina in Spain. Having contacted this missing beneficiary and verbally confirming he was the correct person, ID checks were undertaken in line with AML (anti-money laundering) procedures and he was able to receive his entitlement from the Estate.

  • A happy client who can finalise the distribution of the Estate.
  • Happy beneficiaries who did not see their entitlement reduce due to the Estate having to pay out for astronomically priced insurance.
  • A very happy beneficiary who will be receiving a substantial unexpected windfall.


Posted on 22.09.21