Missing Beneficiaries Located and Re-connected

Crescent Research was commissioned to locate two missing beneficiaries (the deceased’s son and grandson).

Using a variety of licensed data sources and with the aid of social media, I was able to locate the grandson of the deceased. During a telephone conversation with this gentleman, he advised that he had had no contact with his father (the son of the deceased) for several years. He had been searching for his father but all avenues he’d tried led to dead ends.

The deceased’s son was more difficult to find, none of the address records we identified appeared to be up to date and we were unable to track his residency through credit/financial records. It looked like we’d also hit a brick wall, but I don’t easily admit defeat and I’m so glad I didn’t. I couldn’t get one of the addresses identified out of my head, you know that little niggle you get when you’re sure something is right, the dots don’t quite line up, but experience tells you your hunch is right.

I don’t know why but I decided a spontaneous road trip was in order and as the “niggly” address was fairly local (54-mile round trip), it was worth a punt.

ROAD TRIP = SUCCESS!! I met with the son of the deceased.

He told me that he’d argued with his son (the deceased’s grandson) about 5 years ago over something trivial and they’d lost touch. He regretted not being in contact with his son but didn’t know where to start in looking for him – or if his son would want to talk to him or meet with him.

The telephone call to the deceased's grandson (with permission from the son) to say I’d found his father was magical.

Being able to advise the deceased's son that his own son had been searching for him and that he had two grandchildren, extremely emotional (we were both in tears).

This father and son only lived 3.7 miles apart. They met up the same afternoon to re-establish their relationship – the grandchildren got to meet their grandfather for the first time!

  • Happy client who can distribute the estate
  • A re-united father and son – PRICELESS


Posted on 22.09.21