LAW2021 update - what to expect from our online events and other courses

The Solicitors Group's CPD courses and exhibitions have continued to provide outstanding learning and development content for legal practitioners, and there is more to come in the next six months.

So far this year, The Solicitors Group has hosted 7 virtual events. Two of these are currently taking place, and another two, Family Law and Wills & Probate, have just had summer editions announced.

LAW Online events have been The Solicitors Group's primary CPD offering ever since the Covid-19 pandemic caused physical events to become impossible. These events have proven to be a safe and convenient way for practitioners to learn and to engage with the speakers. With strong attendance and support from supplier brands, these events have achieved excellent success and will continue to be a mainstay of The Solicitors Group's production efforts for at least the remainder of this year.

Recorded editions of the past events are still available:

Family Law

Wills & Probate

Residential Property

Commercial Property


The topics from these events have also become the backbone of this year's webinar library, so customers now have the option of either purchasing the 1-hour topics individually or purchasing an event for a full practice area package.

Click here to see the Webinar Library.

In September, we will begin the autumn season of LAW2021 Online, focusing on the latest issues affecting practitioners at the time. These are not available to book yet, but they will include Litigation, Residential Property, Wills & Probate, Criminal Law and Family Law, with potential for other areas to be added.

The Solicitors Group is pleased to be serving the legal profession in a safe and convenient online capacity, and is excited to continue doing so in the coming months.


Posted on 21.05.21