For Law Firms: How To Run The Best Online Meetings

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During lockdown, online video meetings have all-of-a-sudden become a much bigger part of our lives than any of us would have ever imagined. Only a few short weeks ago I had never used Zoom or even contemplated downloading WhatsApp. However, the way I now keep in touch with the world has changed beyond all recognition. There has been Brady-Bunch-style Zoom quizzes with extended family, cocktails, games and laughs on House Party with my girlfriends, and WhatsApp get-togethers with my retired parents (who have breezed the technology without batting an eyelid, I have to say).

In my business life though, as one of the lucky ones still able to work and earn a wage from home, online (or virtual) meetings have become one of the most important communication enablers available to me, and they have absolutely dominated my working landscape during lockdown so far.



Posted on 22.01.21