Eleven Top Tips For Law Firms For A Successful Data Migration

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When it comes to converting law firm data over from one legal practice management system to another – the words ‘baby’ and ‘bath-water’ spring to mind. The value of a law firm’s data should never be underestimated, not even for a second and it’s important to find an ethical and experienced software supplier you and your partners can trust.

In terms of a law firm’s assets ‘its data’ has got to be right up there alongside its people, their expertise and their time. So when decision makers at law firms put off buying a new business system because the thought of migrating all of their precious data over to the new system is simply too daunting a process to contemplate, it’s pretty understandable, especially when some technology companies, quite unethically, are renowned for making it incredibly hard for law firms to leave them, by making data retrieval difficult.



Posted on 22.01.21