Cloud Desktop Vs Browser-Run Software

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Software developers have a number of highly technical choices to make when designing the infrastructure of their solution(s). For busy law firm execs searching for suitable software the technical aspects of the products on their short-lists can be confusing and distracting. One of the questions the LAWFUSION sales team are occasionally asked is – ‘is LAWFUSION web-based?’

We explain – yes LAWFUSION Direct is our web-based, cloud solution for law firms. But there are two main types of web-based solution out there – they are both ‘software-as-a-service’ solutions but they are quite technically different to each other.

  • Cloud Desktop Software – e.g. LAWFUSION Direct
  • Browser-Run Software

Our users access LAWFUSION Direct via a secure internet connection and although they can access it via a web browser from wherever they are, it is not ‘browser-run’ software. This blog explains how ‘Cloud Desktop’ software is different to ‘Browser-Run’ software, and why the authors of LAWFUSION believe the Cloud Desktop approach provides a better user experience for law firms looking for robust, ‘web-based’ software-as-a-service.



Posted on 22.01.21