Big Picture Points For Law Firms & Legal Tech

Global economy signals suggest that tech-savvy firms are the ones likely to reign supreme in light of the continuing industry challenges that lie ahead

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As business owners and leaders in our niche corner of the economy continue to ride the roller coaster of uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has presented to us all, I decided to look at the big-picture for some pointers. In the hope of finding some inspiration, I wanted to seek out the big winners of the crisis so far, and find out what they are doing differently, if anything. The best piece of research I found on this was a recent FT article that laid out how, with a surprisingly robust stock market, the top 100 corporate players of the global economy have prospered in the face of the virus. For me, their research was incredibly interesting, so I thought I would share it with my law firm friends via the medium of the LAWFUSION blog. I have tried to make some comparisons with the law firm / legal tech market, but I would be keen to hear further thoughts from readers who are at the coal face of the legal profession.



Posted on 22.01.21