A ‘trace’ too late

My client wanted to trace and re-connect with her father, who she’d not seen since she was 2 years old.

After her parents’ divorce, her mother relocated to a new county and all contact was lost with her father.

Our client’s mother passed in 2015 and she felt the time was right to find her father but, after 5 years of wrong leads and dead ends, she was ready to give up.

She asked Crescent Research for help in tracing her father, but wasn’t hopeful of a successful outcome, assuming as she’d found no trace of him, we wouldn’t be able to assist.

Sadly, after searching through address databases and birth/marriage/death records, we established that her father had passed in 2016. This heart-breaking news was a devasting blow and our client blamed herself for not trying harder to find her father. We obtained a copy his death certificate which provided details of a widow.

Our client asked us to make tentative enquiries to her father’s widow to ask if we could obtain a photo of her father. The response was not what we, or our client, expected.

Her father had never stopped looking for her but after her mother relocated, he didn’t know where to search. There was a ‘baby’ photo of her on the wall of his family home and he’d maintained a box with keepsakes and unsent birthday and Christmas cards, all had personal messages to her. Her father had re-married and had two daughters. These daughters grew up knowing that they had an ‘older’ sister.

Tinged with sadness that my client couldn’t reconnect with her father; she and her young son have been warmly welcomed into his ‘new’ family. They are getting to know each other, and she is learning about her father’s life.


Posted on 22.09.21