15-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Law Firm

With two new law firms launching every working day and the number set to rise in 2021, Quill’s published a new eBook to help entrepreneurs establish a successful business.

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Quill’s ‘15-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Law Firm’ eBook covers everything that start-ups need to consider to get up and running—from business plans and compliance to banking and insurance to managing cash flow and accounts.

It draws on Quill’s 40+ years of experience in the legal sector, as well as expert advice from DG Legal, Sagars Accountants, Hall Brown Family Law and Bhayani HR & Employment Law.

The new guide is published as Britain’s number of law firms rises. With the Covid-19 pandemic prompting many solicitors to reconsider their careers, and remote working making it possible to set up businesses without expensive offices and other overheads, it has never been easier and cheaper to set up a new business.

Quill’s guide shows where to turn for professional advice, services and technology, and explains how software, outsourcing and virtual working models can all support a business in its crucial early days. It also helps people new to running their own business get to grips with their new responsibilities beyond client-facing, fee-earning work.

The 15-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Law Firm is available to download for free from Quill at https://www.quill.co.uk/Legalpracticemanagementforstartups/.


Posted on 14.01.21