Our Stop Cancer Ethos

Caring Cancer Trust funds Animal-free Research into Cancer causes, treatment and prevention. We provide Healing Holidays for kids recovering from Cancer.

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We Target Cancer, not animals!

We fund original and ethical Research into causes and non-invasive treatment of cancer that does not use live animals or embryonic stem cells. We target Cancer, not animals!

We Heal the Children!

We fund biological and clinical Research to treat and eliminate Childhood Cancers. We also provide escorted Way2Go Healing Holidays of Creative Adventure for Children recovering from Cancer, renewing their self-confidence and passion for life after the trauma of their life-threatening illness.

We Stop Cancer!

Prevention is less damaging than Cure – and cheaper! Our funded Animal-free Research increases our understanding of how silent viral infections, lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition and environmental pollution lead to many Cancers.

Cancer Awareness!

We promote awareness of Cancer symptoms and Cancer avoidance. By Identifying cause-and-effect relationships our researchers will limit exposure to such carcinogenic factors or devise prevention therapies to suppress their effects before a Cancer develops.

Help us create a Cancer-free Tomorrow for the Children of Today!


Posted on 03.12.20