LAW2020 Online: Family Law registration is sponsored by LEAP Legal Software.

Everything you need as a Family Law practitioner

With family services in high demand and an increasing reliance on digitalisation following COVID-19, this is a redefining period for family law firms looking to streamline their processes and ensure their lawyers are able to achieve optimum productivity and profitability.

Leading the way in digital legal software, LEAP's practice management platform is designed to deliver efficiency and drive productivity whilst maintaining that all-important personal touch required when practising family law. Its innovative features and seamless integrations enable family lawyers to:

  • Manage matters effectively away from the office
  • Accurately record billable time, including when out at court.
  • Generating legal forms including Form E and D8 in an instant.
  • Access accurate and up-to-date court fees.
  • Produce document and court bundles with ease.
  • Deliver a client-led collaboration service

As part of LAW2020 Online: Family Law online exhibition you can visit LEAP's exhibition page to find out more information, and request an initial consultation to receive a first-hand understanding of how LEAP will transform the way you practise family law. Just by visiting the online exhibition, you will be able to receive a free webinar from The Solicitor’s Group bestselling distance learning catalogue worth £35+VAT.


Posted on 03.07.20