A second chance for Boo

Redwings Horse Sanctuary believes that every horse, pony, donkey and mule has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect – just like Boo.

Boo 1920x690

A desperate phone call to Redwings saved Boo’s life, a gentle Clydesdale horse who had become the victim of an imaginable act of cruelty.

In early 2009, heartless intruders entered Boo’s field and shot him in the eye with an air rifle at point blank range. Having already lost one eye to cancer, this horrific attack left him completely blind.

Boo’s owner was devastated and called a vet who advised that due to Boo’s size (he stands at 16.1 hands high), it would be safest for others around him if he was put to sleep.

If it hadn’t been for heavy snowfall that winter, Boo’s story may have ended there. But the bad weather delayed the vet’s visit and Boo’s owner began to reconsider his future. Hearing about Redwings and its specialist care facilities, they made a phone call.

With years of experience in caring for blind and partially sighted horses, the charity offered Boo a home. Today, Boo continues to live happily at Redwings. His story is a symbol of the specialist care the charity’s long-term residents receive every day, made possible by donations and legacies left by kind supporters.


Posted on 03.12.20