Expert Witness - Vol 8

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Nicola Laver


e-Publication Code: LEW21b

Essential knowledge on matters relating to crime, family law, personal injury, and other forms of litigation, is now available free of charge in The Solicitors Group’s Expert Witness Publication.

'Expert Witness Vol. 8' provides unmissable knowledge on the following topics:

Working from home: freedom or slave to the office?

In the weeks leading up to so-called ‘freedom day’ on 19 July, when the majority of covid-19 restrictions were finally lifted in England, the business world had already been making concerted moves to bring workforces back to the office.

Accounts Rules Breaches: pre-empting the fall out

Rulings from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal can be a useful tool to prompt firms into ensuring they continue to comply with their regulatory obligations, not least because they can remind solicitors of the fall out in the wake of breaches.

Mind the lawtech gap

Research has identified a widening lawtech gap between large corporate firms and smaller businesses, with implications for commercial lawyers serving SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Deprivation of citizenship: giving notice

Deprivation of citizenship for the public good is proving an increasingly useful - and arguably perhaps too convenient - a tool for the government. According to the most recent government figures available, 104 people were deprived of their British Citizenship in 2017 on the basis that to do so was conducive to the public good. In 2016, the number was 14.

Whiplash reforms: a challenging future

The controversial whiplash reforms are now in force, introducing a (meagre) whiplash tariff and an increase to the small claims limits. The reforms have been heavily criticised, not least because of the direct impact on claimants.

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