Expert Witness - Vol 12

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Nicola Laver


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Essential knowledge on matters relating to crime, family law, personal injury, and other forms of litigation, is now available free of charge in The Solicitors Group’s Expert Witness Publication.

'Expert Witness Vol. 12' provides unmissable knowledge on the following topics:

Unregulated Psychologists In Family Cases

It should hardly need stating that expert witnesses are required to be experts in their field of speciality, but an expert does not always have to be regulated to be appointed. However, the need to ensure experts in court proceedings are suitably and demonstrably qualified is fundamental to enable the court to make sound and informed judgments.

New Restriction For Some Expert Reports

The duties and requirements imposed on expert witnesses in civil cases are wide-ranging, and now – in some cases – extend to how many pages an expert’s report is permitted. And in a separate development, the court has emphasised the correct approach to so-called expert shopping.

Great Expectations: Will Continuing Competency Regime Refocus On Incompetency?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority appears to be on track with working towards tightening up the continuing competency regime, as ordered by the super-regulator. Solicitors, however, need to know that the SRA is intending to start proactively looking for evidence of incompetency and cracking down on it.

Have No Fear: Embrace Generative AI But Understand The Risks

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is probably the most significant disrupter of legal practice for decades. Many forward-thinking law firms were already harnessing its power before the likes of ChatGPT hit mainstream headlines late last year.

Summer’s Out With A Bang: Time To Consider Unoccupied Property Cover

The UK is enjoying the last of what is, most likely, the final heatwave of 2023; the winter months will be upon us before we know it. Now is a good time for probate practitioners to think ahead and consider the risks of probate properties which are likely to sit unoccupied through the winter.

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