Expert Witness - Vol 11

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Nicola Laver


e-Publication Code: LEW23

Essential knowledge on matters relating to crime, family law, personal injury, and other forms of litigation, is now available free of charge in The Solicitors Group’s Expert Witness Publication.

'Expert Witness Vol. 11' provides unmissable knowledge on the following topics:

Unregistered Psychological Experts: Judicial Guidance

Psychological experts are increasingly needed for their expertise in court proceedings across the board, in civil, family and criminal proceedings.

Great Expectations: Experts Must Respect The Court

Prudent solicitors select their expert witnesses with care, reflecting the specific needs of the case in hand.

Not Dead Yet: The Billable Hour

The billable hour continues its painfully slow death. A new report illuminates this perennial issue and considers the recent rise in alternative fee arrangements. Meanwhile, an EU ruling on the billable hour is also worth a mention.

Ongoing Competence – Could Do Better

Continuing competence – or if you prefer, continuing professional development – has been a gamechanger for solicitors since the CPD rules changes began in 2016.

A Timely Warning To Comply With Anti-Money Laundering Obligations

Financial crime and money laundering is a growing risk for the legal sector, and a firm’s money laundering compliance officer (MLCO) may dread the prospect of having to file a suspicious activity report to the NCA.

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This publication also functions as a resource for you to browse a range of expert witnesses that can help you with your cases, whether it is family, personal injury, crime or litigation.

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