Expert Witness - Vol 10

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Nicola Laver


e-Publication Code: LEW22b

Essential knowledge on matters relating to crime, family law, personal injury, and other forms of litigation, is now available free of charge in The Solicitors Group’s Expert Witness Publication.

'Expert Witness Vol. 10' provides unmissable knowledge on the following topics:

An Expert’s Duties: Eminent Medical Expert Criticised In Court

Most expert witnesses would agree that the recognition of their skills and experience as a court-appointed witness to provide expert evidence can prove formidable but rewarding.

Remote Expert Witness Work: Less Theatrics, More Instructions

The latest snapshot of expert witness experiences shows that despite the large-scale restrictions caused by the pandemic environment between 2020 and 2021, litigation continued to flourish.

Is Hybrid The Best Step Forward To Attract Talent?

Working practices are a key issue for small and mid-sized independent law firms, according to the latest Bellwether Report from LexisNexis UK.

Firms at Risk: Small Firms Lack Time and Cash to Spend on New Tech

A concerning number of small law firms appear to be delaying in the implementation of new technologies, according to a recent report.

Register of Overseas Entities: ‘Extreme caution’ warning for solicitors

The government’s anti-money laundering (AML) drive continues; meanwhile, more law firms than ever are suffering the fallout following AML compliance breaches.

Email and Ransomware: Top Cyber Risks

The National Crime Agency has warned that cybercrime is rising both in scale and complexity, and no one is immune from the risk.

This publication also functions as a resource for you to browse a range of expert witnesses that can help you with your cases, whether it is family, personal injury, crime or litigation.

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