Expert Witness - Vol 5

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Nicola Laver


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Essential knowledge on matters relating to crime, family law, personal injury, and other forms of litigation, is now available free of charge in The Solicitors Group’s Expert Witness Publication.

'Expert Witness - Vol 5' provides unmissable knowledge on the following topics:

Court Modernisation: deep cuts, deep concerns

The evidence confirms what many have long suspected: that the courts modernisation programme is in as much chaos as the courts themselves. We now have official insight into the serious concerns of members of parliament about the progress and quality (or lack of) of the reforms so far.

Life Expectancy Expert Evidence

A key principle emanating from a recent ruling is that life expectancy is a medical or clinical issue, not a statistical or actuarial issue. The High Court has handed down judgment in an important case concerning the admissibility of expert evidence on the issue of life expectancy

Medical Negligence: the causation challenge

It can be a challenge proving a causal link between a breach of duty and harm in personal injury cases. In medical negligence cases it can be a much more complex issue.

Whiplash Reforms Delay: reactions from the profession

Personal injury lawyers have welcomed the latest delay to the planned April implementation date of the so-called whiplash reforms to 1 August 2020.

This publication also functions as a resource for you to browse a range of expert witnesses that can help you with your cases, whether it is personal injury, crime or litigation.

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