Charities & Legacies Vol. 13

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Nicola Laver


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'Charities & Legacies Vol 13' is a free knowledge resource for Wills & Probate practitioners.

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Demystifying Trusteeship: Attracting Younger People

The new Charities Act continues to be rolled out, and – among many changes - charity trustees can now benefit from greater flexibility in how they exercise certain powers. Alongside the modernisation of charity laws, the Charity Commission is actively seeking to ‘demystify trusteeship’ and encourage younger people to take up the trustee mantle.

Charitable Legacies: Promising Growth Defies Probate Delays

The charitable sector continues to enjoy record-breaking income in the form of legacies from deceased estates. However, there’s a gentle warning for caution as to the short-term growth of legacy income in light of the current economic climate.

Door-To-Door Fundraising: A Question Of Trust

Donors expect charities and charity fundraisers to act with integrity, honesty and transparency when running their campaigns. Recent revelations that fundraisers were being urged to use morally questionable methods to persuade people to part with their cash could harm charities’ general reputation, at a time when many are struggling to survive.

IHT: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Even If You Downsize)

The downsizing allowance, which can reduce inheritance tax (IHT), is little used but can prove valuable to homeowners who utilise it to its full advantage. The residential nil rate band (RNRB) allows an individual’s residential property to be exempt from IHT if it’s passed to direct descendants.

Gifts To Charity, Solicitor Error and The Costs Consequences

Private client solicitors routinely draft charitable gifts clauses in their client’s wills, but they are not always as straightforward as you might think. A simple oversight can lead to an entirely avoidable dispute - and the threat of a negligence claim against the firm.

The Growing Unoccupied Property ‘Problem’: Protecting The Risks

The latest data on vacant homes in England should serve as a timely reminder to practitioners that empty property assets should be adequately protected with suitable insurance. Further measures should also be put in place to minimise the risks to the property.

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