Charities & Legacies Vol. 12

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Nicola Laver


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'Charities & Legacies Vol 12' is a free knowledge resource for Wills & Probate practitioners.

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Charities Act: What’s New?

As stewards of potentially substantial sums of money and valuable assets, charity trustees bear a fairly hefty regulatory burden. For this reason, charities and trustees should always be alert to changes in the law and regulatory guidance that could impact them.

Charitable Legacies: Could Scrapping IHT Undermine Legacy Income?

Legacies are a vital income stream for charities. For many within the charities sector, the prospect that inheritance tax could be abolished has raised concern at the potential impact on legacy income.

Fundraising: The Importance Of Trust

Fundraising is one of the most important functions that a charity conducts, so a reduction in giving can be potentially disastrous – particularly for charities that rely heavily on fundraising activities. In addition, any reputational damage caused to a charity can threaten their very existence, as many have discovered the hard way.

Summer’s Out With A Bang: Time To Consider Unoccupied Property Cover

The UK is enjoying the last of what is, most likely, the final heatwave of 2023; the winter months will be upon us before we know it. Now is a good time for probate practitioners to think ahead and consider the risks of probate properties which are likely to sit unoccupied through the winter.

How To Protect Unoccupied Residential Probate Properties

With little sign of delays at the Probate Registry improving, the challenges and difficulties for executors and probate lawyers are likely to continue for some time. Delays in obtaining the grant particularly exacerbates problems where a probate property is awaiting sale.

Continuing Competency: Conveyancing and Probate Prioritised

The regulator is ploughing ahead with planned changes to the continuing competency regime for solicitors – but residential conveyancing and probate have become a priority.

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