Charities & Legacies Vol. 6

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Nicola Laver


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'Charities & Legacies Vol 6' is a free knowledge resource for Wills & Probate practitioners.

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Legacy Income is Proving Robust

Despite early predictions that legacy income would decline significantly through the year, the
evidence is that legacy income is largely resisting the economic pressures of the pandemic.

The Covid impact on Wills and Legacies

To what extent are charities in trouble because of the global pandemic? Initial projections
in spring 2020 were that the outlook was bleak, but the longer-term picture has improved –
particularly because of the significant rise in wills instructions this year.

Flexible Fundraising in a Pandemic

Charities’ public fundraising efforts in England have had to go on hold at least twice during the
course of 2020 as the country has been forced to lock down during the covid-19 pandemic. Across the
four nations, charities have had to reassess their public fundraising drive in line with the restrictions
that have been in place at any given time.

Help your clients make a difference

This publication also functions as a resource for your clients to browse charities that they can choose from to make legacy donations in their wills.