Charities & Legacies Vol. 5

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Nicola Laver


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'Charities & Legacies Vol 5' is a free knowledge resource for Wills & Probate practitioners.

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Encouraging Legacy Gifting

A significant proportion of charitable giving is derived from deceased estates. Or to put
a more human spin on it, charities consistently benefit financially from the generosity of
people who want to leave money to their chosen charities in their wills.

Fundraising in a Digital Age

Technology in the 21st century has revitalised charitable fundraising efforts and a
greater number of charities are adapting to the digital environment than ever before.
Charities really need to adapt to survive.

Charities: a call to action and ethical fundraising

Charitable giving is firmly bound up with trust and reputation. That may be an
obvious statement but charities in the UK still have much to learn about maintaining
and protecting the public’s perception of them if they want to continue relying on the
public for financial support.

Charity Trustees: managing the risk of wills disputes

The last five or so years have seen an increasing number of successful inheritance claims
against deceased estates by aggrieved loved ones. The outcome of some of these cases,
particularly court rulings in favour of an adult child, surprised many – and will undoubtedly
be relied on to encourage more claims by adult children in future.

Help your clients make a difference

This publication also functions as a resource for your clients to browse charities that they can choose from to make legacy donations in their wills.