Quill Pinpoint Ltd

Quill Pinpoint Ltd

Quill helps law firms streamline and run their practice better by providing simple, easy-to-use case management and legal accounts software, as well as outsourced cashiering, bookkeeping, payroll and typing services.

At the heart of Quill’s company values is a total commitment to continual software and service development, and maintaining exceptionally high standards of client support and training. It's why Quill’s the first choice for many start-ups and small-to-medium sized law firms with support provided to over 11,000 users.

Quill’s legal accounts and complete practice management software is supplied complete with comprehensive reporting for analysis and planning, built-in compliance for accurate accounting, document management functionality for cloud-based filing and hosted set-up for business continuity.

Quill employs the UK's largest team of qualified legal cashiers to manage client accounts in compliance with defined rules, regulations and legislation. Its outsourced cashiering service is a safe, cost-effective alternative to running an in-house legal accounts department and is used by more than 300 law firms across England and Wales.

No other provider offers this level of meticulously compliant software combined with legal accounting expertise, which means you can always trust that you’re in safe hands with Quill.

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With Quill, you don’t get a rigid one-size-fits-all service. It can change and flex as your business evolves. There’s no better future-proofing promise than that. To top it all, there’s assured compliance built in.

Jay Bhayani, Bhayani HR & Employment Law

With outsourcing, you have access to the most skilled people who are experts in their field, but at lower cost and only when you need them. Not only does it save thousands of pounds of year it also provided better support for our team than a traditional in house set up.

Hannah Paddock, Vanguard Law Solicitors

From initial sales demonstration to this day, twenty years down the line, we have no doubts about the calibre of the software which continually evolves to give end users new and improved functionality. Something of equal importance to us is the people we’re dealing with. It’s deeply reassuring to know that, if we encounter any hiccups, we have a friend by our side. That friend is Quill.

Edward Jacob, Fahri Jacob Solicitors

Quill provides much of what we need for our back office to run smoothly. We’ve used Quill’s case management and legal accounts software with add-on document management tool for pretty much the whole lifetime of our company. There’s no doubt that Quill’s advanced cloud technology helps us to operate more efficiently. Similarly, Quill’s outsourced cashiering and payroll services keep our team on the straight and narrow. Outsourcing is a smart decision we’ve never looked back on.

Sally Thompson, Luqmani Thompson & Partners

Accounting in the legal profession is so nuanced, it simply can’t be done with generic accounts software. Quill’s software is brilliant, easy to use and contains warnings to keep money management compliant with industry regulators. In this marketplace, assistance with compliance is a major benefit because it’s not a straightforward task.

Ross Auld, Burt Brill & Cardens Limited

By relying on Quill for all our main software and service needs, we have one monthly payment, one point of contact and one primary store of our electronic files. It’s so convenient and so much easier to run our business in this totally integrated way.

Nick Timmings, Petersfields LLP