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Key Forensic Services is a first-choice provider of forensic services throughout the UK, offering essential support to the UK Criminal Justice System.

Key Forensic Services is one of the UK’s leading forensic service providers, offering our criminal and civil litigation customers a wide range of forensic services from experts experienced at presenting evidence in court. Assessed by UKAS, many of our methods, including our relationship testing service, are ISO 17025:2017 accredited.

We are specialists in immigration and legal DNA testing, and all our reports are admissible to UK courts and recognised by the Ministry of Justice. We have a strong history of working with solicitors, providing timely, high-quality reports you can rely on.

We have decades of experience in DNA relationship testing, with an established and trusted reputation for quality, reliability and integrity.

DNA Relationship Testing - Legal

Key Forensic Services are specialists in legal DNA testing. We are listed by the Ministry of Justice as an approved supplier of legal DNA testing on behalf of those working in the law profession and social workers, as well as members of the public. We have a strong history of working with solicitors and local authorities, and all our legal DNA tests are timely, reliable, accurate and confidential.

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DNA Relationship Testing - Immigration

Key Forensic Services have been leading the way for years in immigration DNA testing, which our expert scientists carry out in our own accredited laboratories. Any member of the public can instruct us to carry out a DNA test, which we do so quickly and reliably, discretely and confidentially. Our DNA test results are 99.999% accurate, are usually returned within five days, and are accepted by UK Visas & Immigration.

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Forensic Services for the Defence

Key Forensic Services are specialist forensic service providers, offering a wide range of forensic services to our criminal and civil litigation customers. Offering an independent and impartial service, we achieve our goals by understanding our customers’ requirements and the need to provide forensic effectiveness, unquestionable integrity and value for money, while maintaining the very highest-quality standards at all times. Our state-of-the-art forensic laboratories are among the best in the country, while many of our forensic expert witnesses are leaders in their specialist fields and have more than 20 years’ experience in presenting forensic defence evidence to the courts.

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